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9. Do grandparents have the legal right to visitation?

Grandparents can have special visitation rights under certain circumstances.  The judge will look at
many factors, especially what the parent with custody of the child wants. The judge’s final decision will
be based on the best interest of the child but the parents have a lot of say in what they think is best
for their children.  The law gives special consideration to requests for visitation by grandparents when
their son or daughter, the child’s parent, is deceased.

Grandparents wanting visitation should first make every effort to reach an agreement for visitation with
the parents of the children.  If they can’t reach an agreement, grandparents can ask the court either
by joining an existing case between the parents of the children, or by filing an independent request for
visitation in court.  

For more information on grandparent visitation rights, con
tact the Senior Legal Hotline Grandparent
Project .  They can provide you information send you written materials to help you with your case.  
You can also find resources in your area to help you at
LawhelpCalifornia.org .

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