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How can I be a good parent during the separation?

Children benefit when the parents:

  • Avoid conflict and avoid any physical violence or emotional abuse
  • Handle rules and discipline in similar ways
  • Support appropriate and safe contact with grandparents and other extended family so the
    children do not experience a sense of loss.
  • Are flexible so the child can take advantage of opportunities to participate in special family
    celebrations or events.
  • Give as much advance notice as possible to the other parent about special occasions.
  • Provide an itinerary of travel dates, destination and places where the child or parent can be
    reached when on vacation.
  • Establish a workable "business like" method of communication
  • Plan their vacations around the child's regularly scheduled activities

Children are harmed when parents:

  • Use physical violence
  • Make their child choose between each parent
  • Question their child about the other parent's activities or relationships
  • Make promises they do not keep
  • Argue with or put down the other parent in the child's presence or range of hearing
  • Discuss their personal problems with the child or in the child's range of hearing
  • Use the child as a messenger, spy or mediator
  • Withhold access because child support has not been paid

How do I find a parenting class?

The Family Court in your county has an office, called Family Court Services, which usually has a list of
parenting classes. Click
here to find the Family Court Services in your county.

Also, most areas have groups like the
YMCA, youth agencies, community agencies, and religious
groups that offer:

  • Handouts on normal development for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.
  • Articles with checklists for picking a quality daycare.
  • Parenting classes with tips for handling typical situations.

Because there are so many resources available, it is best if you search for what you want in your city or
county. Go to a search engine like
Google, Yahoo, or Ask and search for "parenting resources" or
parenting classes" in your city. There are online parenting classes, guidelines, handouts, for parents
and children of all ages.

And, mental health professionals also can help to point out important issues for the family and help you
make the separation as easy on your children as possible.

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