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What is Supervised Visitation?

The public policy of the State of California is to protect the best interests of children whose parents
have a custody or visitation matter within the family courts. Sometimes, based on issues of protection
and safety, a judge will decide that in order for a child to have contact with a parent, a neutral third
person must be present during any visitation. This type of third-person visitation arrangement is often
called “supervised visitation”.
A judge may order supervised visitation for many reasons, like:

  • to give the visiting parent a chance to address specific issues,
  • to help reintroduce a parent and after a long absence,
  • to help introduce a parent and a child when there has been no existing relationship between the
    parent and the child,
  • when there is a history or allegations of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, or substance
  • when there are parenting concerns or mental illness; or
  • when there is a parental threat of abduction.

The court order will specify the time and duration of the visits. Sometimes, the court order will also
specify who the provider is to be and where the visits are to take place.

Tips For the Visiting Parent

Being with your child in the presence of someone else may be uncomfortable for you, at least in the
beginning. You probably have many questions and concerns, and that is perfectly understandable.
During tough times you may want to talk to a mental health professional or find a support group to help
you with your feelings. Do your best to focus on your relationship with your child. Your patience and
commitment will pay off. Here are some suggestions that might be helpful to you:

  • Read the court order
  • Arrive and depart on time
  • Avoid discussing the court case or terms of the visit with your child
  • Avoid quizzing your child about the other parent's activities and relationships
  • Avoid making your child a messenger to the other party
  • Say brief and positive good-byes to your child when the visit is over

Tips for the Custodial Parent

Supervised visitation can also be a challenge for you. Typically you have been taking care of your
child's everyday needs and have a routine for yourself and your family. Supervised visitation can
sometimes feel like one more responsibility. Of course you also have concerns and questions about the
visits and how they will affect your child. This is understandable. In difficult times you may also want to
talk to a mental health professional or find a support group where you can talk about your feelings.
Here are a few suggestions that might help you in the process:

  • Read the court order
  • Explain to your child where and when the visits will take place
  • Have your child ready on time and be prompt
  • Reassure your child that you support him or her in having a pleasant visit
  • Avoid quizzing your child about the visit
  • Avoid making your child a messenger to the other party

To Both Parents

If you need to change the visitation schedule, the provider cannot do that for you. To assist you in filing
the proper paperwork, contact your attorney or the Family Law Facilitator.

If you cannot agree on how to modify the court's order and you are both willing to meet with a Court
Mediator to assist you in reaching an agreement that can then be filed in court and become an order,
call your Family Court Services office to schedule an appointment.

Supervised visitation can be difficult and uncomfortable at times. Often there are hurt and angry
feelings toward the other parent, and it seems impossible to have a positive attitude about supervised
visitation. Remember that both of you care about your children, and that, if possible, children benefit
from having two parents in their lives.

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